College vs. University

Canada has been chosen by many students as the first option when thinking about studying abroad. Every year thousands of international students come to the “Great White North” looking for an international experience in order to boost their professional career. However, what everyone has to consider is that educational system is distinct between countries and future students must be aware of what those differences are and, thus, to fulfill their needs and expectations for professional life.


There is no better than other, but the one that better fits on what you aim as your future goal. On the table below you can check the core differences between them.




 Practical: Learn by doing  STYLE Theoretical: Learn by reading
 Job-focused: prepares students for a specific job  FOCUS Learning-focused: prepares students  to think critically
 2 to 3 years  LENGTH  4 years (undergraduate)
 Diploma  CREDENTIAL  Degree (Bachelor)
 about CAD $15,000/year  COST about CAD $18,000/year

So, basically, colleges are a “shortcut” to access jobs that ask more practical involvement such as technical and trade occupations, on other hand universities are focused on academic fields and research fronts.

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