Getting ready to launch a new career.


Getting ready to launch a new career or enhancing your current education? A post-secondary program can be right for you.

Your experience at college is truly what you decide to make it – and choose the program and the college where you will study is not easy, know that Maple Exchange is here to guide, challenge and support you along your pathway.

College life is much more than just sitting in a classroom and “absorbing” knowledge. There are great opportunities and experiences that you should take advantage.

Here is some of them:

1 – Build your caring professional community. Students around you at college and mainly those beside you in class might be your colleagues in the workplace. You have a lot to learn from them and they have a lot to learn from you. Do not miss the opportunity to build a kind and strong relationship, they are balancing their studying and life just like you. Be caring because these relationships are important, these people matter.

2 – Engage both inside and outside of the classroom. Many skills can be learned by mingling with others, skills that employers look for such as interpersonal, critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills can be learned just by engaging.

3 – Seek help when you need it. Challenges are normal and make you improve, so keep going even if the going gets tough. Every college has a financial aid, personal counseling, and career services to assist their students.

That’s a lot of information, but not to worry; just remember this: whenever you need something and do not know where to turn, contact Maple Exchange through our e-mail and we will help you find a way!


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